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It is estimated that around 2% of the population, about 4.5% of all people over 40
live with diagnosed COPD, a rate that has increased by 27% in the last decade.

COPD is a condition that affects your lungs causing the airways to be damaged and making it harder to breathe. Evidence from academic study has proven that singing can benefit people with COPD by working the diaphragmatic muscle and therefore helping to improve the lung function of patients. COPD accounts for 1.4 million GP consultations a year and one million bed days annually, costing the NHS more than £800m each year.

Clinical evidence has shown that up to 50% of people with COPD and other respiratory conditions can also be affected by depression and stress related medical conditions. Being part of a group, singing with like-minded people brings a sense of achievement and companionship. Therefore, by joining a group, such as Singing 4 Breathing, it not only improves physical function, but it also has social and psychological benefits.

Last year, drawing on the success of the singing group, Singing 4 Breathing has introduced harmonica classes for people with COPD and respiratory conditions. This is the only class, of its type in the U.K.


COPD is very debilitating, particularly during ‘flare ups’ and the effort people make to come to Singing 4 Breathing cannot be overestimated, so the fact that the choir has been running for over three years and welcomes up to 100 people each week, shows not only the commitment of individuals, but it also shows the benefits in respect of their wellbeing.In order for the group to continue, further funding is needed. The group’s main objective will be to stop isolation and improve the health and well-being of people with COPD.

This crowdfunding will help support the group to keep going and grow, to keep donations to a minimum. We are keen to continue to offer free transport to those who need it, which helps to prevent social isolation and enable to attend the group where otherwise it might have been very difficult this again needs funding This is a thriving group with proven benefits to the people who attend. We rely on donations.


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